About Quentin’s Mom (Crystal Gailliard)


Crystal Gailliard, much like Quentin, has had a wild imagination since childhood which was fostered by her encouraging parents. They told her that she could do whatever she wanted to try to do. At the same time that Crystal began to start her own family, her father became very ill after being paralyzed for 18 years. During the year leading up to the birth of her first son Quentin, Crystal’s  father’s drive and determination to meet his grandson kept him going through his poor health. Despite the several phone calls from doctors claiming he wouldn’t make it, Quentin’s grandfather pulled through every time. While their interactions were brief, the memory of Quentin’s bond with his grandfather continue to inspire Crystal’s heart and imagination. The Adventures of Quentin: My Super Grandpa is a tribute to her grandfather and allows his spirit to live on as Quentin grows older.