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My Father

My Father

Many wanted to know where the first book “My Super Grandpa” came from. The idea started about two years ago when my father got sick. On Dec, 15th 2016 my husband and I found out that we were expecting our first child. That just happened to be my fathers birthday. So we surprised him with a card that said what kind of grandpa will you be. Inside that card, it was marked Super Grandpa. While my father was already a quadriplegic, he heath had really good up to that point. About two weeks later my father ended up in the hospital and started to decline very fast. I don’t know how many times they told us that he had 24 to 48 hours left. In Vincent fashion, his body never listens, and he kept going. I felt like everything tried to take him out and even bleeding in the lung that started out of nowhere and ended just the same and couldn’t hold him down.

Months had passed, and he went into rehab, but his focus was to meet his grandson, Quentin. The way that he looked at Q when he finally got to see was like the first time he saw me. He stayed at the rehab for maybe 6 months and fought his hardest to get out. While the new addition of the tracheotomy he lost the ability to talk but he still communicated (nonstop lol).

When my father got home, and Q found him the most exciting guy in the world. That's when I started thinking about how a child could become comfortable with disabilities and how a child's imagination would help them understand how the person is different. The book was created. By changing the thought process of my dad's condition from a limitation to powers.

Unfortunately, my father passed before this book could come out, but this project was one of love and a way that I felt that I could remind my son of who his grandpa is. Looking beyond the disability to his true self, a superhero!

Vincent L. Spencer 12/15/43 - 06/03/2018 (forever my superhero)

Are there more books coming???